1) (to soak up: The cloth absorbed the ink I had spilled.) absorber
2) (to take up the whole attention of (a person): He was completely absorbed in his book.) absorber
- absorption
absorb vb absorber
transitive verb
1 (liquids etc) absorber; (shock) amortiguar
2 (time) ocupar
3 figurative use (ideas etc) asimilar
to be absorbed in something estar absorto,-a en algo
absorb [əb'zɔrb, æb-, -'sɔrb] vt
1) : absorber, embeber (un líquido), amortiguar (un golpe, la luz)
2) engross: absorber
3) assimilate: asimilar
absorber v.
amortiguar v.
beber v.
chupar v.
embeber v.
empapar v.
incorporar v.
mamar v.
sorber v.
əb'sɔːrb, əb'zɔːb
transitive verb
a) \<\<light/energy\>\> absorber
b) \<\<impact/shock\>\> amortiguar*
c) \<\<information\>\> asimilar
d) \<\<time\>\> absorber, llevar
1) [+ liquid] absorber; [+ heat, sound, shock, vibrations, radiation] amortiguar
2) (fig) [+ information] asimilar; [+ time, energy] ocupar, absorber

the business absorbs most of his time — el negocio absorbe or le lleva la mayor parte de su tiempo

the parent company absorbs the losses made by the subsidiary — la empresa matriz absorbe las pérdidas de la filial

the country absorbed 1,000 refugees — el país dio entrada a or acogió a 1.000 refugiados

3) (=engross)

to be absorbed in — estar absorto en, estar ensimismado con

she was absorbed in a book — estaba absorta en or ensimismada con un libro

to get absorbed in — centrarse or meterse de lleno en

* * *
[əb'sɔːrb, əb'zɔːb]
transitive verb
a) \<\<light/energy\>\> absorber
b) \<\<impact/shock\>\> amortiguar*
c) \<\<information\>\> asimilar
d) \<\<time\>\> absorber, llevar

English-spanish dictionary. 2013.

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